New Project ! “Summer Sweethearts”

Last updated : September 27, 2014


Hello everyone ! It has been a week since “Daisuki Da Yo – In Spring” has released and I am excited to announce that I’ll be working on my new project “Summer Sweethearts”! Some of you might know that I’m also working on another new project “Heiress”, I’m not planning to drop that out. While working on “Summer Sweethearts”, I’ll be also writing the script for “Heiress”

Story plot: Sayuri Aichi is not in a good mood,  her mother remarried a month ago to another man, so she now has 3 stepbrothers! She has to live with them for the summer break but when she gets home, Itsuki tell her that mom and dad went out on a vacation for the whole summer break ! What?! That means she has to live with 3 new step-brothers that are like strangers to her?!

 Meet the guys!

 Itsuki (NPC)


And our protagonist – Sayuri Aichi!



More sneak peaks!!! (This section will be updated weekly with more peaks of my new project!)

A sneak peak of the splash screen in the game:

A snippet of the script:

Hmmh..should I really show you? No, not right now. :p

Possible tropes appear in the Visual Novel: (I’ll only show you 5 of them…==)

Non-Blood siblings
Troubled,but cute
Accidental pervert
Curtesy conflicts

and much much more!!!!


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