[ Otome Game: Daisuki Da Yo-In Spring] A little guide to the endings of the game.

Last updated : September 27, 2014

In the story, Midori Aichi is an ordinary girl who had a crush on Saito-sempai…then the story plots of the VN varies depends on what kind of route you have, you might experience tangled love triangle, or romance comedy with tsundere sempai….

There are 4 endings :

-Iris Flower
-Peach Blossom
-Peruvian Lilies

Sunflower Ending: (End up with Saito, but this route is a little shorter than others and with less drama)

To get this ending, you need to go with Kou to the cafe, go to his house to studying. And push him when he kisses you. But in episode 3, you’ll choose Saito instead of Kou.
The “Saito” or ‘Kou” choice menu is pretty much a last chance to change your ending. 

Iris Flower Ending:(End up with Kou,this route is a little shorter and less drama. But Midori did a cute confession to Kou)

To get this ending,you need to:
option 1: Go with Kou to the cafe and stay still when he kisses you in episode 2.
option 2: Go with Kou to the cafe, push him when he kisses him but reject  Saito in episode 3.

Peach Blossom Ending:(End up with Saito,this route has a little romance comedy in the ending.But be ware, there is a tangled drama scene in episode 2)

Kiss Saito when you meet him in the first episode, and stay still when kou kisses you in the second episode.

Peruvian Lilies Ending:(End up with Saito, this route is the longest route with more drama…and a nice sunset confession if you’re lucky)

Kiss saito when you meet him in the first episode (It doesn’t matter if you kiss him back later or not). and push Kou when he kisses you in the second episode.

Download the game: (Download detail page)

Discussion thread of the game at Lemmasoft:

Just found that SuperPaulGames made a walkthough video of my game. Don’t watch it if you haven’t play the game, because everyone is very very very very out of their character in this video. You might not want to watch it before you play the game. But you can watch it after the play the game for a little fun and laugh.

Daisuki Da Yo – In spring – Visual Novel… by SuperPaulGames

Everyone is so out of their character but I don’t feel mad at all. The video was hilarious and I can’t stop laughing. And I feel very great that people would take their time and make a walkthough video of my game.

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