“Summer Sweethearts” Released its Demo!

Last updated : August 21, 2014



The demo for Summer Sweethearts is released! Click below to download it!


Linux Download
Window Download
Mac Download

Estimate playtime for the demo is around 20-30 minutes. It contain partof the story, with partial voice acting in episode 1. So it’s basically a rough short version.


After playing the demo, can you give me some suggestions and feedbacks?

- Should Itsuki have more scenes in the future completed version?

- Which character do you like the most?

- Do you like the music?

- Should I give the game a few custumize touch such as text box etc?

-Any other suggestions and feedbacks?

Reply to Sonorousgem, a test player at Lemmasoft:

sonorousgem wrote:
In response to your questions:
– Should Itsuki have more scenes in the future completed version?
Yaaassss. I liked him. He seemed like the nicest guy. And it didn’t seem like he did much this time around. I also felt like Kaito got a little less screen time then he should have as well. Yamato was in the spotlight~!

Mitsukeru73 : Yep, Itsuki is the sweet , gentle, nice guy. I always feel bad that I didn’t give him enough scene and made him into a NPC (sorry Itsuki~~), I’ll add more scenes to the completed version.
Heeheeh, Yamato was the spotlight boy~~ Eh…it turns out this way because I can’t get enough ideas for the romance scenes T.T I deal with my inner conflict all day with the guilty feeling for Itsuki and Kaito…But they would have more in the completed version, or Kaito and Itsuki would haunt me in my dream ….

sonorousgem wrote:
Do you like the music?
Yes! It is very appropriate and light and nice. My only complaint would be that some tunes are softer than others, but I don’t know how to change that in a game.

I’m glad that you like the music, the music in the first episode is more upbeat than the rest of the background music. However, you can click perference, then you’ll see the volume option.

sonorousgem wrote:
Should I give the game a few custumize touch such as text box etc?
Hm… I don’t think it necessarily needs it, but it definitely could look better! The menu screen could also use some more customization in my opinion.

This is the text box that I was going to use, but I didn’t because it didn’t really fit as I wanted, but I’ll try to make it work.



sonorousgem wrote:
Any other suggestions and feedbacks?
Actually, yes!
1) There are a lot of grammar mistakes/things you might want to change. A lot of words that should be capitalized are not, and there are some noticeable typos here and there. If you’d like me to point them out, let me know

Sorry, proofreading is my weak point because I was unpatient and grammar is my Achilles heel, please point them out for me ^-^
And I’ll read over the script carefully before I release the completed version.

sonorousgem wrote:
2) Sayuri’s sprite sometimes moves when it shouldn’t XD

sorry, will fix that problem.

sonorousgem wrote:
3) The characters are all very cute, but they don’t seem to have much depth or development to them in the demo. It’s kind of like they’re all living without a real care in the world, which stretches it just a bit too far from reality for me. It is very much like anime characters, so I’ll give you that. I understand if that’s what you’re aiming for, and if so you should go for it, but I still think the characters could be a lot more relatable.

Thank you so much for this advice! I feel as if I was enlightened by you, no kidding! That’s exactly what my game lacks. I admit that is one of my weak points. I will pay more attention to character development and you really inspires me on that one!

Again, thank you for spening your time playing the demo and give so much greate feedbacks! ^u^

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