Summer Sweetheart Voice Over in Action!


After a one-week audition, I have came to know a lot of great voice actors. And now we are working together to bring the fully voiced completed version of the visual novel game Summer Sweethearts!

Here is the cast list:

Sayuri – Sakura Hughes
Yamato – Tom Robertson
Kaito – Jon Bullock
Itsuki – Moses Cortez

Awww….But school starts this week and I became so busy. What’s bothering me is none of my classmates are anime/manga fans and of course they are not otome gamers. Which makes me very sad…

Hey hey, back to topic! I already received Yamato’s lines for episode 1 yesterday. And I’m currently working on inserting the voice over into the rpy file. Tom is very active and keeps me busy after school, don’t get me wrong though, I love being busy and work on my game project!

Sakura is a great voice actress! I love her professional attitude and thoughtfulness. she will be recording the lines in september and I’m currently working on getting her voice scripts done.

Jon…he is a “fungus”! (Get it? Fun guy?) When he first emailed me, I was like =_= when I saw what he send me for the audition. Because he send me 4 pics instead of his audition clips lol. But what surprise me is, he later send me his audition clips and it sounds amazing!

Moses’s voice is very cute in a medium high range. Fits exactly for Itsuki’s role! Kind and gentle and sweet nyan~~~~

The game will be released no later than October 10th, the estimate playtime would be 40 min to 1 hour. Much longer than my first game haha! Though it has much better graphic, less coding errors and it would be fully voiced, I’m still not satisfy with its quality. I guess that’s what they called the “creator’s curse” lol.

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