New Project ! Cinderella Cage

Last updated : September 2, 2014

Title : Cinderella Cage

Plot / Trope  Keyword : [Otome][Bishonen][GXB][Childhood Friends][Workplace Romance][Sensei heartfelt]

[Mystery][Yandere little sister]…etc…

Estimate playtime : 2 hours per route

Number of routes and endings : 5 routes and 10 endings.

Planned Release date : 12/ 6/2015

Story Plot:

Merryweather woke up with a headache, she had a terrible nightmare last night and she can still feel her heart pounding fast against her chest. When she goes to school, a strange man show up behind her and whisper to her “Don’t forgot our deal.” However, when she tries to see who it is, the man disappeared. She thought that was just her illusion after her friends tell her that they didn’t see any man near.
Everything is normal except terrible accidents happens to her wherever she goes as if there is an unknown force trying to end her life.




Merryweather – MC

A 16 years old girl, she died at the beginning of the game, but somehow the universe ultered and she is now alive. No one has memory of the accident where she died and she thought that was just a horrible nightmare. Though her life is back to normal as it used to be, terrible accidents seem to follow her wherever she goes. She lives with her aunt and her cousin Bryce and has a part-time job at Touya Cafe.




Kou – Merryweather’s childhood friend. He always has a smile and kind tone but he is sensitive and doesn’t confide his heart to anyone.Though his manner of speech and attitude are timid, in the end he’ll always do what he wants to his heart’s content. He is always gentle but can be quite troublesome sometimes.  Because he cares for Merryweather too much, he feel very protective towards her.



Light – A mysterious unknown man that Merryweather came across during several occasions.



Sebastian – Merryweather’s co-worker at Touya Cafe. He is serious and responisble. He is an university student and he also works part-time as a math tutor. He like to solve and think everything logically and dislike violence. However, because he does things towards ogic rather than emotion, he missed a lot of opportunities in the past because of his hestation.



Sheila – Kou’s younger sister. She is cute and angelic looking. However, she has a terrible double personality. She is timid and polite, but can be very cruel and radical when encounter emotional conflicts. Her body is weak and often gets sick. She seems to suffer from an unknown incurable disease that slowly drains away her energy.





Rei – He is a basketball player at the school. He is also one of Merryweather’s childhood friend. He is very open and outgoing.He is not that sharp or smart like Sebastian, but his clumsiness are somewhat cute and he cares for everyone deep in his heart.He is very bad at finding directions though he doesn’t like to admitt it. He likes sports and enjoy participating in many school clubs and events , however, this cause him to have little time to spend with Merryweather.



Bryce – Merryweather’s cousin. He treats Merryweather like a little sister despite that he is one years younger than her. He is somewhat random and tend to act childish sometimes. He gets annoyed very easily when Merryweather ignore him. He likes sweet desserts but dislike hard cadies, because hardcandies are very troublesome to eat. He dislike watermelon and pomegranate for the same reason. He is a very passionate anime fan and often demand Merryweather to call him “Onii-chan” ( acute japanese phrase for ‘older brother’) like girls in the anime.



  1. madeleinestrom0says:

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