Summer Sweetheart release date changed!

Last updated : December 8, 2014

We’ve been working on Summer Sweetheart for more than 2 months now. I was planning to release the game on October 10th but it seems that now we can’t make it to the date. I’m sorry for the delay but the possible release date would be 2015 valentines day instead.Everyone is working really hard and I feel so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with them. To think about it, it’s really me who wasn’t working hard. What should I say? I don’t really want to make this post like a page full of me criticizing about myself.


Anyway, I think the game is going to be promising. Although I know it’s short, full of cliche, and lack a good story plot, and I know that it might receive criticize. But I am confident in the voice acting and the art.  Yes, it’s short, but I realize a lot of people can’t afford to play games that long and complicated . People who want to play otome game, much prefer  games that are browser based, such as My candy Love and star project, or flash games. But one thing about online otome games is that there aren’t a lot that are good. The only games that I know that have good art and good game-play are Star project and My Candy Love. so when people like that want to play a DL otome game, they would much prefer games that are not too long in length and not too heavy in size. And Summer Sweetheart is light weighted compare to other game, short on story but have good art quality and contain voice acting.


It’s my second otome game and it’s the last short game that I would make. Because after this I would put more work and time into Cinderella Cage, which is going to be pretty lengthy.

I plan to add some gift package in the game archive, such as cute cursors and game CGs. I’ll talk more about that in my next post.

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