About Mitsukeru73:

Mitsukeru73 is a name of a game developer (yep, my alias). Mitsukeru is the Japanese romanji meaning “to find, to discover” and “73” is what I thought is the luckiest number. (Why? Because 73 is the reflection of 37, it’s also the sum of the 3 multiply the product of 3 and the multiply result of 3 and 7 add the sum of 3 and 7. I guess you must feel very dizzy right now…sorry…)

About Mitsukeru73’s game style:

Hmm…My game style? I am only on my second game so I cannot say the exact game style. However, I ‘m only an beginner so I would like to make short otome with simple but heartfelt plot. I will also try my hand on some deeper longer visual novels as soon as I get my hand on a drawing tablet. I really want to use my art talent in my visual novel.

And yes, I can draw very good.

About Mitsukeru73’s goal:

I really want to develop games like Diabolik Lovers or Hakuoki one day. I want to try and improve my skill and develop better otome games for English fans. I would like to make some high quality non-commercial games. And I plan to start to make commercial games after I finish Cinderella Cage and Summer Sweethearts2.


About Mitsukeru73’s current project:

My current projects are “Summer sweethearts” and “Cinderella Cage”  But I put “Summer sweethearts “as my priority for now because “Cinderella Cage” is going to take very long working time and I want to progress it slowly for the quality. It will be released next year 2015 December as my Christmas gift to everyone, and “Summer Sweethearts” will be release this autumn.



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